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How Hendon residents are defending their community

Hendon residents are mounting a legal challenge against London Borough of Barnet in order to defend their community against what they see as the damaging effects of the proposed ‘Hendon Hub’ development project. (Learn more about the Hendon Hub and what it means for Hendon on our Hendon Under Threat page).

Going to law

Hendon resident, Richard Lecoat, has begun the process of requesting a Judicial Review to challenge the lawfulness of The Burroughs and Middlesex University Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which was approved by the Policy & Resources Committee on 20th July 2021.

This SPD lays the framework/foundation for the various Hendon Hub development projects, e.g. transfer of our iconic Hendon Public Library building to Middlesex University and the construction of massive new 7 storey student accommodation buildings on the Burroughs.

A wide shot of the gardens surrounding Our Lady of Dolors church

Richard is one of hundreds of residents who believe that Barnet has jumped the gun and proceeded without following all the necessary planning consultation steps, including scrutiny by central government over these radical, transformative plans for our historic town centre. If he wins the case, the Hendon Hub planning policy foundations will crumble and be deemed unlawful.

Although pursuing a Judicial Review claim against Barnet does not provide any guarantee that the Hendon Hub scheme will be scaled down, it is the very last chance we have to seek accountability from Barnet over the lawfulness of their actions and to ask a Judge to decide whether we as residents are being treated unfairly.

To be clear…

We are confident that Barnet has acted unlawfully. That said, we as a community should be clear that there is never going to be a 100% chance of success. HOWEVER, it is our only option to try and force Barnet to show some respect for residents and their rights.

Please join us and donate as generously as possible to fund the claim. (Additionally, you can show your support by purchasing a Save Hendon tee shirt!)

Thank you.

PLEASE DONATEand help us to save Hendon
PLEASE DONATEand help us to save Hendon
The north east corner of the library showing the room that used to be the borough's flagship childrens library
One aspect of what we’ve been fighting to defend…
…and part of how we’ve been doing it

What is a Judicial Review?

Judicial Review is a kind of court case in which a member of the public challenges the lawfulness of decisions made by public authorities - usually local or central government - and a judge decides whether or not that decision was lawful.

If the claimant wins, then the decision can be declared unlawful or quashed.

The court does NOT consider whether a decision was a good or bad one, but whether it was lawful or not.