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We’ve had unbelievable support from our incredible community so far — thank you so, so much to everyone who has shown up at demos, delivered leaflets, filled in consultation questionnaires, and spoken in consultation zoom meetings. But this battle for our right to be heard isn’t over yet.

If you would like to get involved in our fundraising campaign then do please drop us a line using the form below. Help with spreading the word, and with identifying contacting potential financial contributors would be hugely helpful. In addition, though, single biggest thing that everybody can really do to help at this point is to donate whatever you can to help us see this legal challenge through to the end.

Bringing a challenge like this is expensive and we can’t do it without YOU, our fellow Hendon—and Barnet—residents!

PLEASE DONATEand help us to save Hendon
Gabbie and Hayley with placards outside the Town Hall
Two heroines of the campaign

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