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Welcome to save Hendon

What is this web site? is run by local Hendon residents. We represent many Hendon residents who are deeply concerned about the ‘Hendon Hub’ property development plans proposed by London Borough of Barnet. We believe that those plans endanger both the heritage of Hendon’s historic civic centre and the cohesion of the familiy-based community that makes up the area.

We also believe the views of local people should be properly considered in what is the largest scale development of Hendon for 50 years.

A wide shot of Our Lady Of Dolors church

We are currently in the process of requesting a Judicial Review of these plans, as we consider them to be unlawful and to the detriment of the majority of Hendon residents. Since taking a Local Authority to court is expensive, this site is largely devoted to fundraising for that cause — either by direct donation or by making a purchase from our range of totally exclusive Save Hendon tee shirts that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

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